Mosaic Journal 2.0


Surely someone has a question about this picture....

Hi there,

2010 was a fun, busy year for Mosaic. Unfortunately, the regular newsletters and frequent journal entries fell by the wayside.  Each post takes a lot of thought and time, two commodities that can be in short supply when we're both working full time in the field. We'd like to find a way to get things moving again, so we have a proposal for you: you ask, we answer.  Do you have a question about a plant, a previous post or a design concept?  We'd love to hear from you! You will give us a topic or starting point (often that's the hardest part), and you and other readers will get new ideas, information and a picture or three.

We'll continue to post new photos and news, but we hope you'll help us keep the content fresh and interesting for everyone. Just post a reply below or send an email, and we'll get right on it. No question too small.  Deal?

If you want to hear from us, but don't have a question in mind, here are a few questions from an earlier Q&A to get your juices flowing.  If that doesn't do the trick, a quick scroll through our archive or our newsletters may pique your curiosity.

We look forward to your questions!

Rebecca & Buell

PS Email subscription (in the box at right) is a great way to keep up with our irregular posting schedule.  You'll get a message from wordpress for each new entry and no spam from us.  : )