Rebecca and Buell genuinely care about their clients and the gardens they design.

My garden is an important part of my home and I bought my house, in part, because of the garden and its potential.  Although clearly loved by previous owners, the garden I inherited had become a bit of a hodgepodge through individual decisions made over decades.  I contacted Mosaic because I had reached a point where I was ready to rethink the structure and design of the overall garden rather than make another isolated decision.  I was impressed with Rebecca and Buell from our first meeting - they took the time to listen and ask questions to understand what I wanted in terms of design and maintenance.  I knew I wouldn't be able to tackle the whole garden at once so I asked for an overall plan for the garden that could be accomplished in phases.  Mosaic brought back a design that responded to my needs and desires with ideas about how the work could be phased.  It has now been almost two years since we started; the last phase was completed this past Spring.  It has been delightful to watch the transformation and the garden seems surprisingly mature at this stage.  I started with a gardener's garden but it had become a maintenance burden - there is still plenty of gardening to do but I now spend less time on maintenance and more time enjoying the garden from my new decks and garden benches.

I have likely been a bit of a challenge as a client - there were some elements of the garden that I wanted to keep and my education in Botany and Landscape Architecture meant that I was pretty hands-on when it came to plant selection.  Mosaic incorporated some of my treasured plants into their design and were able to integrate some of the existing garden.  Knowing how important plants are to me, Rebecca worked with me to develop plant lists and Buell hand selected my new trees.

My first impression of Mosaic has been reinforced as I have worked with them over the past two years.  The quality of their work is obvious in their gardens - beautifully crafted stone and woodwork and plant palettes adapted to client needs and location.  What doesn't show on the surface is that Rebecca and Buell genuinely care about their clients and the gardens they design.  This is evident in Mosaic's attention to timely communication and follow-up when a project is completed.  Even though my garden is technically "finished", I look forward to working with Mosaic as it evolves and matures in the coming years.

- Chris Enright, Eugene, Oregon