Our client loved her house and neighborhood in North Eugene, Oregon but its original front yard was a bland postage stamp of scrappy lawn with a handful of boring shrubs.  She asked Mosaic to design a landscape that was welcoming to visitors while providing a quiet space for her to relax with her son.

Mosaic began by designing an inviting and ample six-foot wide sandstone path leading through warm colored plantings to a large, planted Vietnamese urn.  Creating a private space in such a small, open yard was our biggest challenge. The only potential location was just beyond the neighbor’s front porch. We installed a 6′x9′ rusting metal wall to provide screening without enclosing the garden and let plants do the rest. A sandstone bench is a striking final note to the garden, providing a quiet seating spot for the family to enjoy their garden.

Publications featuring the Wendover garden:

Sunset Backyard Secrets, 'Meadow Up Front' (2009)

Pacific Horticulture, 'Character Building' (Oct 2008)

The Register-Guard Home & Garden, 'Cookie Cutter No More' (Oct 2008)

Sunset, 'Front Yard Meadow' (Aug 2008)

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