WaterShed is a mixed-use commercial/residential building near downtown Eugene, Oregon.  The owner-developers pushed their team of designers, contractors and local artisans to produce excellent work with minimal environmental impact.  Mosaic's contributions to WaterShed include high-impact, low-water plantings in the exterior gardens, courtyard and terrace planters, and the design of the large rusting steel water feature at its center.  

Two of the building's prominent features are rainwater catchment cisterns that provide non-potable water for the building and its gardens.  Mosaic's plantings have not really tested the system, however. Even the west-facing "hell strip" is only watered every two weeks during the heat of summer.

More information about the WaterShed building.

Publications featuring the WaterShed landscape: 

Eugene-Springfield Register Guard Home & Garden, 'Sipping Landscape Nips Water Waste' (July 2012)

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