One of the first things that people notice in our garden is the galvanized metal. There's the corrugated fence, stock tank pond and deck planters, custom table frame, deck railing... heck, even our garage door and gutters! In our garden, metal is a clean, bright theme throughout the garden. It is the perfect foil for plants and offers a welcome lightness on drizzly days.

In our clients' gardens, rusty, galvanized and painted metals typically play a more subtle role, but they provide the final details that complete the space. We love the strength, clean lines and exceptional durability we can achieve with metal. While the steel arbors, furniture and features we design will last for many, many years, it is nice to know that if and when they are removed, they are completely recyclable. Below is a small sampling of the metalwork we have designed.


We designed these table and chairs to add color and brightness to this small space.

Metal is a strong, but visually light solution for an arbor.

The famous screen.